British Postcards– Layout

Blog posts will be appear by area; if I have new material for an existing area, it will simply be added on to the relevant blog-post for that area. The areas I have existing material for, will be posted in alphabetical order; other areas afterwards, may not be.

Each Crown Dependency and British Oversea Territory will gets its own blog post. Given that the constituent four nations of the United Kingdom are much larger than those territories, I shall subdivide England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as follows:

# England

The counties Greater London and the City of London will be combined into one post– simply entitled “London”. Posts about the rest of England, will sorted by the other 46 geographical English counties (the “ceremonial counties” as of 1998 onwards)

# Scotland

Scottish posts will sorted under the current 32 council areas.

# Wales

Welsh posts will be sorted under the current 22 principal areas (‘counties’)

# Northern Ireland

Posts regarding Northern Ireland will be sorted under the six geographical counties of the nation.

Phew. That’s all the technical stuff out the way– postcards will follow soon!


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